About the Zine/Mission Statement

The Southern Black, Brown, and Queer (BBQ) zine is a community where southern black and brown artists can express the many facets of their internal and external lives.

In such revolutionary times, our goal is to hold space for their spectrum of fluctuating emotions.
There are no bounds to the types of art that can be submitted. A poem about how the revolution has only just begun. A song about how you’ve been staying grounded in these times. A painting depicting a decapitated racist statue. An essay on how black and brown bodies are sacred. A photo of something that brings you joy.

All experiences are accepted and will be honored. The Southern BBQ Zine believes that all black lives matter.
We will continue to fight until we abolish the systems that oppress our black and brown communities.
The only thing pigs are good for is barbecue. 1312.