what is this zine about?
The Southern BBQ Zine is a collection of art and writing made to provide black, brown and queer artists a space to express themselves in during these revolutionary times. 

why call it southern bbq zine?
Our Zine is dedicated to providing black, brown and queer creatives a space to express themselves. Because we want to protect the safety of our contributors who live in the south and other conservative environments, we have adopted BBQ as an acronym for black, brown and queer.
It's also here because in the South, the only thing pigs are good for is barbecue. 1312. 

what format will the zine be in?
BBQ Zine will be printed in color on 5"x 8" paper! Very satisfying. However, we will also make the zine available digitally for those who prefer screens.

how many people are going to contribute?
We are hoping to have at least 10-15 artists and writers to feature in this zine!

will artists and writers receive payment for the zine?
Not for this zine! BBQ zine was created with the goal of donating 100% of profits made towards the release of protesters who have been unjustly arrested during the recent protests. If you would like to give money directly to the artists though, please consider supporting them through commissions or donations!

can i contribute if i'm not black, brown or queer?
This zine was created in order to support minority communities in the Southern US by giving them a platform from which to express themselves. Because of this, we are going to prioritize the works and experiences of folks in minority communities, but we appreciate the drive to help support the cause! Our allies are very important to us, because it is with your help that we can allow this zine to succeed!